getting started

With so many great ideas from the TEG conference, it was hard to know where to begin.  But obviously the place to start, is small!  Creating a school garden is an end goal, but for now I will start with a class garden.  Thank goodness for Nancy, my co-conspirator and garden mentor, who happened to spot some large black tubs that would be great for container gardening.  In no time at all she had gathered friends to collect the tubs and bring them to school, ready for the fall.  Which means I should start making a list of what we’ll need to get it all going.  Thanks to Nancy, Connie, Bronson, Kiernan, Patricia, and Ethan!


One thought on “getting started

  1. We are glad to get involved in this initial stage, as we know, soon or later, a variety of plants will thrive in these pots!

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