A couple of things have inspired me to look at my curriculum and to think about outdoor learning, beginning with TEG, but also very much a result of being married to a guy like David Ng.  Dave ‘s position in the Michael Smith Labs at UBC is often very confusing for me, as he has so many areas of interest.  But one area that I can at least understand and relate to is his interest in biodiversity, which morphed into the Phylo project.  It began with  “Kids know more about Pokemon creatures than they do about real creatures”.  

Dave took this information as his inspiration to help children learn more about the world around themselves.  And when Dave gets inspired, he tends to try and drag me along with him!  This time it wasn’t so hard!  It was Dave who got me started on blogging (and set up the blog as I am slightly technologically challenged) and inspires me to do my own part.  Check out not only his Phylo project but his own blog, Popperfont, for lots more inspiration!


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