Autumn at the UBC Gardens

Still getting lucky with the weather as we took our first field trip today to the UBC Botanical Gardens.  We had a great time exploring parts of the garden with our guide, Marilou.

We headed into the garden and passed through the Asian garden, with one of the coolest trees being a kiwi tree.  We then headed through “the tunnel” to get to the vegetable garden.

As we walked over we stopped to try some wild onions growing….lots of onion breath after that!

Marilou showed us a Palmated leaf.

We found a tomatiilo on the ground.

One of the coolest things we found were the kiwi trees, and a kiwi tree that had fruit that looked like green olives, but looked exactly like a kiwi inside.

This bush was also really cool!  It’s a spice bush, and if you scrape the branch a little bit, it smells like lemon!

Marilou showed us skeleton leaves, where insects have eaten away the leaf, but the harder veins of the leaf remain.

At the end we played a game where Marilou had us look for different kinds of leaves, and we each got to take one leaf home from the gardens.

It was a fun and really interesting field trip, and a special thank you to all the parents that were able to come with us.  Thanks so much!!


2 thoughts on “Autumn at the UBC Gardens

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  2. Luke saw the kiwi tree and Palmated leaf, tasted the wild onion, smelled the spice bush. Not only did he learn about some plants, but also did he get a lot of fun. Moreover, thank you Kate for organizing this field trip and those parents who volunteered.

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